Feleppa Style

Francesca & Veronica

Made in Italy

Can you remember what you were doing six months ago?

We sure do.

We know we were starting to make the dress you will choose for your special occasion.

It all begins in our workshop in Morrovalle, Macerata. This is where we start to think about the dress of your dreams, and our inspiration comes consistently from our own experience – a journey, an event, or a magical place we have seen.

We start creating your dress by selecting unique, beautiful fabrics; to make sure we have the widest choice of patterns, colours and options, we go to Milan, the Italian fashion capital. Then we deal with all technical processes – we draw sketches, select samples, and fit prototypes a thousand times until we make sure that your dress won’t only look fabulous, but also feel comfortable.

After working out every detail, we start crafting your dress, which is sewn by experienced Italian seamstresses to ensure the highest level of workmanship. Buttons are covered by hand one by one. Flared skirts are left to rest for a few days, and then they are evened out on mannequins. Labels are sewn into place, tags are printed, and quality is checked once more before our dress gets to your favourite local store. And then it finally appears in your closet, to turn heads on that special day and make us proud to be part of your dream.

This is what “Made in Italy” means to Feleppa.

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