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The new Feleppa dress By Georgettepol

The new Feleppa dress By Georgettepol

The exclusive dress is the result of the collaboration between the designers Francesca and Veronica Feleppa and Georgette Polizzi

Born from the friendship between the designers Francesca and Veronica Feleppa and Georgette Polizzi, protagonist of Canale5 tv reality show “Temptation Island” and designer of her own clothing line, the new Feleppa dress by GeorgettePol is a special, unique creation, interpreter of two different worlds and spokesperson of a strong and decisive message: “Be what you want, where you want, but always with your heart.”

A short total white dress, reinterpretation of Feleppa icon model Cool Passion, with a characteristic back neckline with maxi bow, where Georgette Polizzi’s creative flair left a personal and distinctive mark. A touch of madness that makes a versatile and youthful garment recognizable and unique, dedicated to all women who love to feel special.

As a child, we dreamed of making dresses for special occasions and seeing people wearing our creations. Today Feleppa is a well-known and constantly evolving brand and we wanted to design this dress with Georgette to send all women a message. The union between our friendship and our opposing styles has created something special, to feel #ciochevuoidovevuoi“- say Francesca and Veronica Feleppa, both enthusiastic about their new project.

When I was a child my dream was to leave a mark in the rigorous fashion world” – says designer Georgette Polizzi – “In this sector it is difficult to create good collaborations, what happened between us is magic. We are three girls with many dreams to realize, who struggle every day to achieve different goals, three girls who created something from nothing that makes them feel alive. The willpower distinguishes us, our styles are completely different but we decided to join them to scream to the world that even a refined style can marry a “psychopathic” style. We have created a dress that talks about us and our insatiable desire to make it in a world full of obstacles.